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Related post: Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 21:44:13 -0800 (PST) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: OLuFsEN & SONs 12The story below is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, in towns, cities, countries, nor governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most state and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check with your local laws regarding such. % Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. In real life, use protection.%OLuFsEN & SONs 12 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%Out of the blue, Zach says, "Dad, when are you going to get a boyfriend like Gef?"His mouth half open, ready to accept the pointy end of his pizza crust in his mouth, their dad responds, "Um whenever I find someone to... um who I like, I suppose," he made up as he went along.Gef asks after he sips his beer, "Don't rush your father. You don't want him going and picking the wrong guy do you?"It asian lollipops 1 dvd then occurs to Jase, "Like he picked you Uncle Nick?"For once Nick didn't have an answer, sitting there with his mouth gaping open.Noticing it, Erik jokes, "You know it's bad manners to eat with your mouth open, Nick?" He also gave him a sly look.Gef slaps Nick under the chin."Hey! You almost caught my tongue in that move!"Their slapstick comedy routine got the boys to laughing so hard, they forgot all about the questioning from Jase.Nick wasn't sure he was glad, for they started in teen art loli links again on the cake."Boys," Erik called them to attention, "leave free young lolita photos your uncles alone about the cake. Besides, it's too late to do anything about it." Then looking to his watch, he says, "About time to wind this pizza party down anyway. I've got my first day back tomorrow and you boys `back to school'?"Zach and Jase sort of liked school. Like anything, there were pros and cons, liking some subjects, hating others, liking some teachers, not particularly fond of their art teacher, but music was great.Too, Nick and Gef had classes at Goldwater Creek Community College. The lolita teen rape scenes two offered to pay for the pizza and drinks, their offer dwidling to half, Erik then insisting they opt out all together, which came to pass. Lagging behind, a line at the cashier, Gef, Nick and the boys head out to the car."Uncle Gef," Zach asks, holding Gef's hand, "do you think you can find somebody for little angels loliat pics dad?"Jase, coupled with Nick poses the question, pulling on Nick's sleeve, lolitas models bbs sites "Got any guys you know of for dad, Uncle Nick?"Both didn't turn the boys down, but left it as they'd look around.%"Sleeping like a baby," Jay Velez says as he tucks the blanket in between Terron's pits and bod as he snoozes on the sofa."Yeah. Y'know I think Terron really got into pitching hay?"Jay hints Dario, "I bet Terron would do well tending to the horses if he was around here more?""Jay, just what is it you are insinuating?" Dario asks, with a twist of a smile upon his lips as he butts his chest up to Jays after uprighting himself from hard lolita underage samples blanketing Terron. He also took note of Jay placing a sweet kiss on Terron's forehead."Most times it gets so lonely around here. Reason, me being mail lolita island pthc here by my lonely self," Jay responded with words and his hands causing the two to snuggle up."Why don't you just come right on out and say it, Jay?""Alright. Now that you forced my hand," Jay said, the free tiny lolita mpegs fingertips dark lolita gallery post of both hands dipping into the back of Dario's jeans. "Like you extreme lolita skinny nudes told me earlier, you and preteen lola pussy bbs vesta porn best lola Terron live in a small, one room apartment. I've got plenty of rooms here; one for Terron and... one for us?"Reiterating what he thought about himself this young lolita nude picures morning, Dario recites, "I can't believe I lolita preteen girl sex was ready for a good, long workout at the gym, after leaving Terron off for church and here this horny Christian boy sweeps me off my feet and before I can even think things through, he's inviting me to shack up with him!""No problem Dario. I can give you time. Take all the time in the world to think things over."Their bodies best preteen nude lol no more forced together than they could get, Jay's fingers feeling up the gap between Dario's briefs and ass, one finger rubbing back and forth against the edge of butt-hair vegetation, forced Dario's thoughts. "What? And give you the chance to hot sexy young lolitas shack up with some other Christian boy instead of this heathen?""Is tonight too soon?"After a brief interlude of kissing, Jay went for Dario's belt buckle.Halting Jay's assault of his belt, Dario says, lolita pre teens naked "However, the three of us need to get up early for work uncensored preteen lolita pics tomorrow?""No problem. You can stay here.""One problem does exist. Terron and I are here and our clothes are not!"Having it all figured out, Jay replies, "Why don't you take a quick trip home, pack a bag, then head back here?""And when did you have `this' all planned out?""Oh I'd say right around the time you handed Terron his Bible?"With a smirk on his face, Dario asks, "You know what, Jay?""What?""You're a sneaky little Christian boy!"%"Dad, do you believe if you leagle lolita met art pray for something you're gonna get it?" Zach asks Erik as he tucks the boys in."Wouldn't hurt!" he replies. Then, looking over to Jase, he says, "Shhh, your brother's sleeping.""I know. An explosion wouldn't wake him up!"Erik laughs at his son's candid humor. "He's tired and `you' should be too.""I am. But I'm not really," Zach replies."Oh? And why not?""Because something's bothering me.">From standing, free lollitas pic preteen Erik sits on the side of Zach's bed, leans back on the pillow and cradles his nine year old as if he were a baby again. "You know I've loli preteen url pics told you and your brother if there's anything `ever' bothering you, you can come and talk we me?"Cutting out the sentiment, Zach jumps to it, "Dad, we're scared you're not going to little lolita amateur nudes meet a guy young models lolita panties for yourself.""Is that it?" Erik replies, turning to look into Zach's eyes."Y'know you're not getting any younger, dream lolita nude movies Dad?"A giggle popped out of Erik's mouth before he responded, "That's for sure! But hey, don't you go worrying about your old man. Twenty-nine isn't old by far. Besides, none of us know when or how we meet up with other people, but one thing lolita image board free is we can't rush the unknown, right?""I guess," Zach replies, not sure he knew what his dad spoke of."So," Erik sits, then stands, then bends over, "I think you better try to get some sleep?""Dad, is Patrick and Joaquin going to be living with us?"It wasn't on topic, so it threw Erik for a loop. sexy underage lolita tulips "Like the `unknown' I can't answer that at the moment and you need to get your rest for school tomorrow!"With that, Erik bent bbs lolita ukrainian nymphets over and gave Zach a underage nonnude lolitas models kiss on the forhead, Zach telling him, "I love you dad and I hope you get us another dad soon."Erik smiled, closing the door. Strange thing, he wasn't at all tired, so headed down to the den to fiddle around on the computer.%"I'm back!" Dario announced to the quiet of the farmhouse, having left the lock off when he left. Over both arms were twin sportsbags. Walking into the spacious livingroom, he spotted the embers of a fire in the stone-enclosed fireplace. "Jay?" he called out softly, seeing two mounds lying on the floor.Sitting his head up on his elbow, Jay says, "Oh, you're back. Good." Then sensing Dario wondering why little lolita pussy cartoon he and Terron were lying, japanese imageboard loli bbs snuggled up under the blanket in front of the fireplace, he explains, "Terron woke up chilled. I mean, with only a pair of board dorki loli pthc briefs on..."Dropping both bags on the floor, Dario peels back his jacket, dropping it where the bags hit the carpet. As he moves closer to the fireplace he strips his tee shirt off."You believe me, Dario, don't you?" Jay almost pleads as the blanket sheds from his back when he kneels, showing off his nakedness.Dropping to his knees in front of Jay, Dario says, "Why don't we pick up where we left off?" Showing he didn't care to hear any more explanation, Dario takes Jay's hands best lolitas teens sites and places them at his belt buckle.Lying down, Jay's face lay even with Dario's bare pubes. It didn't take much effort to open wide and accept his semi-stiff 9c, his lips sliding over the head and to the back of his throat.Yet, Dario felt like relaxing.At first, Jay got the wrong impression, "What's young lolita child bss wrong?" he asked as Dario made him evacuate his mouth."Nothing's `wrong'. Nope," he said as he lay down next to Jay, sandwiching the twenty-seven year old between himself and his sleeping brother, "from here on lolicon 3d real preteen in it's only going to get better!"So, throughout most of the evening, right up until italian lolita kid models about midnight, the two threw off the blanket onto Terron when the heat got too intense, their lovemaking the main effort causing the friction between them.%Erik must've got hit up twenty times in the internet chat room small loli girls boys of his favorite gay website, `HitMeUp.com', while searching for one specific individual, a guy around his age, give or take a couple of years. Perusing the site for roughly over two years he lolita and the boys came across a guy lolita blue teens bbs who wasn't hentai incest lolita links solely into free lolitas preteen nudes sex, a `hit and run' relationship. Yet, the cp lolita sex pic guy was from clear across the universe it seemed, two thousand miles away.But he got to Erik first, greeting him, "Hey `SexyViking', how are you doing?"Erik responded favorable, but with humor, "Gr8. Have you young lolita free bbs washed that tux-n-tie yet?"It was a joke, began long ago regarding his chat-mate's handle, `TuxNtie'."Not that nor the briefs. You know what I'm saving them for!"It's not the first time `TuxNtie' had responded with the `brief bit' and each time Erik could swear the den was scented with the musky man aroma. He replies, "And as soon as you get here, I'm going to take a nice long whiff!"This is the way their chat began, lasting about two hours or whatever time the two had. Sometimes it lasted longer if the two became involved with sorting out what each other did all week. Like the `SexyViking', `Tuxntie' was a single father, but only one son, who was Zack's age now. Soon Zach and Jase would be having a birthday, but `TuxNtie's' son would have to wait until next fall.Even after almost two years of just about nightly chat, it never came up that Zach and Jase shared the same interest Evan did, free lolita shock nude `Spiderman'.TuxNtie: "You've got to be kidding! Eddie is like wild over the blue and red guy!"Like Erik, TuxNtie used a different name for his Evan. Neither knew it, Erik using the fake names of Jack - Zach and Jeff - Jase, best loli girls galleries to protect their identity.SexyViking: "Nope and believe me, it's set me real free young lolitas back some," even though it didn't, "with Spiderman curtains, Spiderman bed sheets, Spiderman this'n Spiderman that! Seems like there's no end of Jack and Jeff conjuring up new items with the Spidey logo."TuxNtie: "Oh but there will be just one, when the other hits puberty."SexyViking: "You're scaring me there Tux!"TuxNtie: "Sorry. I know the feeling Vike. I've grown so lolita portal ukrainian studio attached to Eddie that I don't want him ever to grow up. Well maybe not past eleven that is."SexyViking: "I hear ya. My Jeff is nearing that age soon."TuxNtie: "Eddie has almost a year to go before he turns ten."SexyViking: "Lucky you, Tux."TuxNtie: "I consider myself compatible as fatherhood goes but some days I wish there could be a third in our lives."Erik could side with `Tux' on this one two. As Zach preteen naked lolita pictures and Jase were trying their hand at matchmaking, wanting youth tube lolita pics another dad around, he said nearly the same thing. Before he could communicate it, there was a disturbance in the force about the room."Dad, loli lolita nude lolita I got a bellyache!"SexyViking: "Gotta go kids stuf"It was a mutual understanding whenever someone surprised either one of them, a short phrase little lolita preteen galleries typed in to say they needed to drop off chat in a hurry."I don't doubt it with all the pizza you guzzled down tonight Jef.. I mean Jase.""Why didn't you stop me dad?""Yeah. Why didn't I?" Erik said, thinking the same. From experience he shouldn't have listened to the ten year old, that he little lolitas show twats would `not' get sick. Indeed, he should have stopped him from woofing down loltia young nude model his third slice. "C'mon. Let's see what we can do about you."At times like these Erik had to to the unthinkable, hit the surge protector switch instead of allowing his internet hookup site stay up, unattended. He didn't take chances like that."Mmmm, the pink stuff," Jase exclaimed, his attitude picking up some, but after the taste had dissapated from his mouth he was again feeling pangs in his stomach. world lolitas bbs years "How long does it take dad?"Erik had bbs links lolita free the same answer as the last time this happened, "Depends on how much it hurts.""Hurts pretty bad."They sat on the sofa, Erik waiting for Jase to doze off, which came about, but he stayed up later watching reruns of QAF. He adored one of the characters and when he saw him shirtless, made sexy remarks, "Mmmmmm Michael. You take it all off now!"But like Jase sleep lolli pop blow jobs caught up with him and with his chin dropping, he awoke. Waking Jase enough to walk they traversed the stairway and he dropped his son off at his room before retiring to his own. Passing Gef's old loli girls sexy young room he heard some sexy sounds so poked his head in, "Still having fun?"There was a commotion and it wasn't the sound of bodies rubbing together, rather insults hurled at him and when he closed the door `something big' hit the inside of the door. In a devilous mood he laughed russian lolitas babes models and then proceeded to his own lonely room.Next morning the kids piled out of bed first. They pretty much knew how to get their own breakfast, carrying it off to be in front of the Tv."Um, somebody leave the milk out?" Nick busty lolita sexy models asks, standing in the den doorway, flaunting the carton of Organic white."He did," each of the boys points to the other.So Nick took care of the situation but not without a small price, "Somebody want to come and put it away?""Next commercial," Zach yelled out, his eyes glued to the screen.It sat on the table til Jase came by to fetch it."So how did you wind up the lucky one?" Nick sandra model bbs lol asks."Because I'm older."Nick didn't know what slutty teen models lolita to make of it but figured the boys sought out the answer.Next in line to come downstairs, nude lolita bbs bbs Erik had just put the finishing touches on his tie."It's crooked," Nick stated from a distance."Really? I school pussy lolita pussy put it together in front of the mirror. I thought...""No, not the tie dummy. You buttoned your shirt up wrong. I can see your hairy bellyhole!"Erik accuses Nick, "And what were you doing looking at my lower half?""Who's lower half?" Gef asks, coming down the stairs right after his bro.Nick told it like it is, "Your brother thinks I'm stalking his crotch because I told him his shirt is buttoned up wrong. Some gratitude!"Next, Jase and Zach appear, the two laying their dishes on the sink counter. They had it all thought out, since Jase had to put the milk away, Zach had to do the asking, "Can you show us again how to put our cereal bowls and spoons in the dishwasher?"It was on Nick's mind to say something about it, thinking the bowls were being left while the boys ran away, but was proud of them, ruffling both of their heads of hair and then flipping down the dishwasher door. He says, "Spoons go here," he took one and put it in, "and bowls go here," he placed one of the bowls on the bottom, standing up. "You're turns," he says handing Zach the bowl and Jase the last spoon.Nick, Gef and Erik exchanged smiles when both boys thanked `Uncle Nick' and made their getaway. Five seconds later Erik got the call from them, wondering what they should wear for school, their first day back."It's been so long I suppose you boys forgot what to put on?"It was an ambush. When Erik arrived the boys went right for their tee shirt and jeans. "Dad?" Jase starts in, "is preteens lolitas blue teens Uncle Gef and Uncle Nick going to get their nips fixed up with another rings?""Are they gonna get married?" Zach adds."What brought this on?" Erik questions them, taking up a wooden chair, throwing a leg over, straddling it backwards and facing the boys."Don't get us the wrong way," Zach starts in, usually the one who takes charge, "Jase and me really like our uncles, but when you find russian loli pusy pics a husband," Erik smiled, "don't you think it should be us and you and our new dad living together?"Erik amends, "You mean without Nick and Gef living here?"Zach didn't mean it as it came out and it didn't occur to either of the two Erik surprised by, "Yeah and do you think there's a way you can get rid of Joaquin and Patrick?"Jase finally breaks silence, "Yeah. When we have another dad we want it to be like a family. Only us kids and our dads.""That's a mighty tall order. I'll certainly need to think on it."Then with perception, lolitas rape join now Zach says, "I know. It's part of the unknown, right dad?""You got that right, kido! But for right now," he looks at his watch, "I need to get to the office and you two need to get to the bus stop."With much talk about a new dad in their lives, Zach and Jase set right to it, instead of dilly-dallying, went straight forth and put the finishing touches on their wardrobe and met the rest of the household in the kitchen."Uh-oh," Jase said.Like on the other end of Jase's wavelength, Zach states, "We don't have any lunch!""With all that's going on I guess I forgot," Erik replies. "How's-about a nice warm meal at school today?" He forks over a few bills to each."Cool!" Jase exclaims, Zach joining in as ls magazine naked lolita he remarks, "I was kind of getting tired of the lunches you make us dad."It was then Erik got comically harrassed by the lollipop porn bitch crazytown others, asking what kind of menu he made up for the kids.Erik got out of the jolly moment offering to drop Zach and Jase at the bus stop, leaving Nick, Gef, Joaquin and Patrick in stitches.Contradicting themselves, preteen bbs lolitas kiddy as Erik drove down the road, Jase comes out with, "Y'know dad, Joaquin and Patrick are kind of fun guys to have around?""Oh so then you don't want to `get rid of them'?"The way Erik said it, it came across as something mean, so Zach says, "We don't want to get rid of Joaquin and Patrick."Rather than a commotion, Erik let it slide. Especially since his attention was on the `cut-in-half' yellow school bus on the corner."Hurry dad!"Zach threw in, "Yeah... you're gonna make us late!"`Can't win!' Erik thought. Parking opposite the bus, he lost lolita illegal pic cautioned Zach and Jase to wait on the sidewalk for him. Then he met them and walked them across the street. Walking around the front of the bus he fed them into the open doorway on the other side. "Sorry they're...." he stopped for a minute to look at the Adonis, underage lolita ls lolita posing as a bus driver, "late.""I know this must come as a shock. Poor Mrs. Hambly. Fell down the stairs of the bus last week. hot young lolitas preteenz She'll young asian loli girls be in traction for sometime." Then getting out of his seat, the guy leaned over, threw his hand out to the side and said, "Alex Choi."Erik's hand had a mind of it's own, reaching up, his eyes glued to the Asian warrior, him uttering, "Erik Olufsen.""Nice to meet you.""Same here," Erik returned with a smile also."Hey, I have to get going. Need to get these kids to school on time. Good to meet you. See you later."It was quick, taking less than two minutes. Erik often dropped the kids at the bus stop, but never picked them up. Today he was set on being here!%Since the three little lolita teens porn were headed in the same direction, Jay hitched a ride with Terron and Dario, front seat of Dario's 4x4."I had a dream last night," was the first conversation set before them as they started on the half hour ride to Erik-Gef Industries."We all dream, Terron?" Dario free teen lolitas bbs acknowledges.Jay asks, "What was your dream about, pre lolita small pussy Terron?""I forget, but when I woke up my briefs had gooey stuff on the inside and my hand was wet. I think I must've done it to myself.""Wasn't me," Dario said, Jay saying the same."I know," Terron replied. "You two were having your own fun."Dario and Jay exchanged glances. Both wondered how much of their hot love making was Terron awake for.Instead of the current topic, Jay evaded the rest of the subject matter, saying, "So Terron how does it feel to be back to work?"But there was a point to Terron's sharing his wet dream, "Dare, do you think I'll ever meet a guy like you got with Jay?""I'm sure."Jay lends a thought, "There's somebody out there for each of us. We have to be patient and wait. Me? I just lucked out your brother happened to come to church."Before lola teen bikini models Dario could say it, it wasn't intentional, Terron says, "And if I hadn't forgotten my Bible, you two wouldn't have met. Do you think because I forgot my shy lolita preteen galleries Bible God was going to make you two meet?""Could be."Dario tried quoting Scripture, "How's that go? `What God has put under let no man take it away?'"All serious, Terron returns, "Asunder, Dare.""Us under what?" Dario asked back.Both had Jay laughing."Are you laughing at my ignorance?" Dario posed to Jay."Yeah. You're a real idiot you know?""I should stop the car and let you out here," lolita nu nudist photo he directed at Jay.It was tough for Terron to perceive some things as preteen lolita paysites article joking. He said, "Then Jay would be late to work and Mr. Timeson would be mad."None of the three saw each other during the day, but often Dario would make it his business to check up on Terron, often visiting the human resource office, office very young horny lolitas of Cortland Timeson, to find out his views on how Terron is progressing. On one occasion their little get together for the purpose of `talking-Terron', involved some innocent foreplay, fizzling after some kissing, but neither pursued and left it as friendship. Dario observes, "You think a lot of Mr. Timeson, don't you Terron?""He's my best friend," Terron replied.>From almost raising Terron singlehandedly, Dario knew it was tough for Terron to make friends and he was glad Alex was one of them.But Jay asks with humor, "What about me?""Oh! You're my best friend too Jay!"Dario smiled as Jay put his arms around Terron and gave him a big hug.%Right in the front door of Erik-Gef Industries, Erik is greeted by his `number one man', Macy Carkham. Instantly she clues Erik in on the new Human Resources director, annexed to the staff during Erik's absence, when the former director left with stated medical reasons."Oh, there he is now," Macy exclaimed.If Erik didn't know the staff on the executive level he might have mistook Igor Corbet for Cortland Timeson, Corbet not falling within his the top ten private list of hot looking men employed at Erik-Gef Industries. But even from a distance he was sure the new Human Resources director was going to zoom up from zero to at least number two!After Macy made the introductions, she left Erik and Cortland to chat."Oh by the way, after being only here a week I've seemed to have had my name abbreviated to `Cort', so lola e preteens pink I suppose you might as well join the club, Erik."He thought `Cort' to be a jolly soul, but did make mention, "From as far back as I can remember, when my father ran Erik-Gef we always had gone by our surnames as a matter of respect."Erik figured Cort would agree to the hint he dropped, but instead he informed Erik, "Oh I'm sure you will agree with me business klass lol bbs post has evolved to the point where we put old-fashioned mannerisms behind us youngreal preteen lolita pussy and look to the future?"Walking to the elevator, it opens, the elevator boy greeting them, "Oh hello Mr. Olufsen. I'm awfully sorry to hear of your wife's passing." Then the cheery mood returning, "Where to Cort?"Cort looks to Erik, smiles and then says, "To Mr. Olufsen's floor."Thinking it rather humorous than nervy, Erik thought it funny when Cort's attention was divided between himself and the elevator lad. Actually a bit educational since he hardly knew a thing about Robert even though he's ridden `his' elevator for the past five years and hardly has heard anything but a `hello' or `have a best teen lolita nude nice day' out of him. Now, from Cort's conversation with Robert he's learned he has an ill sister in Chicago, a brother in New York City who is `very' young lolita video clips much involved in the Gay Pride Center and his comment to Cort, "I hope you brought your lunch. Monday it's beef patties and you know they broil them til they taste like hockey pucks!""Thanks Robert," Cort says as Erik and he depart, "it's one of the ways I remember it's Monday!"Even Erik underage little lolita models got a chuckle out of it."You have a good day Cort. Oh, and you too Mr. Olufsen."As they sat in Erik's office, they were interrupted by a knock on the door."Yes?" Erik called out.Picked out of a lot of applicants, Erik personally chose Chad Dennet as his new secretary a year ago. Young, seemingly upbeat personality, a knowledge of 100 lolita nude site's computers which meant he could chat with the computer techies on the fifth floor in a language of which he understood only the words, `mouse', `monitor', `keyboard', and `virus', Chad a real whiz at keeping a system up in running, also worth mentioning, Chad a drop-dead gorgeous blond twenty-four year old straight out of college, well he just thought of himself as a very fortunate man. Only drawback, he was very disappointed Chad was straight. At least it's what he seemed to gather when probing and finding out Chad had a girlfriend. But then young teen lolitas softcore he didn't dash all hopes saying to himself `what did having tiny little lolitas galleries a girlfriend prove?' He still held out some hope."Mr. Olufsen.. oh hi Cort," Chad held the door as the African-American addressed the two, "on behalf of the upper echelon, we all wanted to express our lolita top sites cp condolences on your recent loss.""Thank you Karim," Erik cordially replied."If there is anything the others or myself can do to help you in this difficult time for you, you let us know.""I will Karim. Thank you and I'll personally thank the others." lolita girl art pics Then after glancing at Cort, Karim hanging on for a second, Erik says, "Karim, why don't we drop the formalities. Why don't you call me Erik?""Oh sure. Fine. If that's way you would like it." Then hurried, "Look, I have to get going, have a good day Mr. Olufsen.""So much for that!" Erik said of his idea to convert the staff to the first name calling."It takes time Erik," Cort remarked.Then, entering, Chad sets a coffee down on the small, square, mahogany table separating Erik, on the leather sofa and the rest of the office. He walks around the table and sets a cup in front of Cort."Thank you Chad.""You're welcome Cort." Then turning to Erik, "Would you care for anything else, Erik?"Erik thought, `Well at least somebody is catching on!' "Uh, no thank you Chad, but I would like to set aside 9:30 for you and I to catch up.""You've got it Erik!"After the door closed, Erik compliments, "Chad, he's a very efficient secretary."After sipping his coffee, Cort remarks, "And `very' good looking!"Sitting there, Erik sat 3kinghost lolita sex pic with his jaw hanging open.Cort laughs, "Surprised that I'm gay too?""Wait til I talk to that Macy!" Erik exclaims."It's not her who told me. I took the liberty of going through your file.""'My' lolita child nude free file?""Yes. I thought maybe it was confidential even for me, but I ran across it and your brother's as well when I was working with computer central in converting all paper files to a database."The `gay' thing was shelved, shoved to the back burner as Erik inquired about the database."Saves time and a tree or two," Cort replied. "Oh and I must commend whomever is responsible for bringing on board the men and women who make up our computer tech center as knowing their stuff before hiring them. They are a brilliant team."Erik smiled. Trying to be modest he replied, "That would be Chad. I personally hired him you know?""Then how come Chad isn't working in computer central?" Cort inquired.He didn't want to admit the only thing keeping Chad in the office division was his impeccably pre teen lolita images good looks, Erik found lolita bbs topless 12yo reason, "I think preteen naked loli gallery Chad sites free teen lolitas likes the freedom to roam. You know, being around computers the staff has to stay there with their eyes glued to the monitors.""Oh," Cort replied. Even though he didn't fully believe Erik he said, "I knew there was a good reason.""Would you like another cup of coffee?" he asks."No. I have several interviews this morning and then I was asked by several employees, Robert being one, to speak to the kitchen staff over forming a hockey team?"Erik laughed, Cort joining in on his own joke, which carried them to the door. When Cort left, Eric rearranged his pants top best little lolita a little. He hoped Cort didn't notice how moved he was by his presence!%Copyright 2009 T. Chase McPheeThis story may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent lolita child nudist pics from the author.The more you stretch, the more you can fit in... 'spread' happiness! TCMcP.....
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